Patient Engagement Learning Series

We’ve launched our Patient Engagement Learning Series!

This webinar series provides an easy, one-stop shop for education and training to develop skills for authentic patient engagement across BC. We’ve chosen a variety of topics that address the current needs facing the PVN membership, and the series is designed to strengthen the partnerships between patients and health care providers.

The webinar series covered three topics over the month of February:

Primary Care Networks: What are they and how do they work
Building Authentic Patient Engagement: Why and how you should work together
Communication 101: Tips for effective communication for great partnerships.

In September, the webinar offered an update on the evolution of primary care in BC, with special focus on the Primary and Community Care Strategy.

You can watch the recordings for the four sessions here.

Sessions will also take place in September and October 2019. The sessions will be as interactive as possible in the time we have, while opening up space for offline conversations to expand upon ideas brought up in the webinars. The webinars will be co-facilitated with Engagement Leaders from the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council and will feature guest speakers from other health organizations.