Engagement Opportunity Process

Engagement opportunities are adapted to their health care partners’ needs and objectives, but they usually follow these steps:

Preparing the patient partners
Prior to being matched with an opportunity, PVN Patient Partners receive orientation, training and ongoing support. This helps to prepare them to have an impact once they participate in an opportunity.

Creating an engagement opportunity
We help a health care partner clarify the aims of its opportunity, how it will engage a patient, and criteria for identifying patient partners with relevant interest and experience. Often we encourage health care partners to include more than one patient.

Posting an engagement opportunity
We post the opportunity on our website and include it in an engagement opportunities newsletter that is sent to our patient partners every Tuesday. Typically the opportunity is open for two weeks. Interested patient partners fill out an online form, answering questions that help the health care partner identify if they will be a good fit for the opportunity.

Choosing patient partners
We send the list of candidates to the health care partner, and then provide assistance to determine which one best fits the opportunity’s needs. We then host a discussion so that the health care partner and patient partners can meet each other, discuss the opportunity, and ask questions.

Providing ongoing support
We regularly check in with both the health care partners and patient partners after an opportunity begins.

Closing the loop
After an opportunity concludes, we get feedback from its health care partner and patient partners so that everyone involved, including us, can learn how to improve their contributions in future opportunities. We share this feedback, and also “close the loop” to ensure that patient partners see the final results of their contributions.