About Us

The Patient Voices Network is a community of patients, families and caregivers working with health care partners to improve our health care system.

This type of collaboration results in improved patient safety, better health outcomes, reduced health care costs, and better decision-making. It leads to better care experiences for patients and care providers. Together, we know best how to improve health care.

Our story dates back to 2009, when we were created by the Ministry of Health as part of its Patients as Partners strategy. Since then we have been matching volunteers with health care partners who are seeking to engage patients in their efforts to improve quality of care. We were first supported by ImpactBC; in December 2015 this responsibility was transferred to the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council.

The biggest thing that I want people to know about being a part of PVN is that you have a voice. You get to speak to issues and ideas and people about health and health care, and you get to be a part of things that are happening to make a change.
Michel White, PVN Patient Partner

PVN Patient Partners & Friends

Patient partners are patients, families and caregivers who participate in engagement opportunities that are requested by health care partners. Each opportunity is unique and depends on the needs of a particular project. For example, they sit on working groups, help develop programs and resources, and teach care providers about the patient experience. Patient partners also receive training, education and ongoing support so that they can have meaningful impacts.

And friends are patients, families and caregivers who receive news about our activities and learning events.

Any BC resident is invited to join PVN, as each person has a unique experience of interacting with the health care system and can contribute to important conversations about care.

Learn more and sign up to be a PVN Patient Partner or Friend.

Health Care Partners

Health care partners are health authorities, health organizations, and non-profit organizations. We establish close relationships with them, working together to identify and create volunteer opportunities for patients. We strongly believe that this process helps ensure that opportunities are meaningful for both health care partners and patients.

Learn more about becoming a health care partner, and how to post engagement opportunities.

Our Team

PVN’s patient partners, friends and health care partners are supported by the BCPSQC’s Patient & Public Engagement team. Click here to meet the PVN team and connect with the engagement leaders in your region.