Strategic Plan & Annual Reports

2017-2020 Strategic Plan

The PVN Strategic Plan was created based on consultation with our partners in communities and organizations across British Columbia, and its development was overseen by our Oversight & Advisory Committee.

Our strategic priorities for 2017 – 2020 are:

  1. Evaluate the impact of patient engagement activities, share our findings with our partners, and use them to inform our actions
  2. Increase the capacity of health care and patient partners to support authentic engagement
  3. Diversify our membership so that it represents the individuals, communities and groups who access health care services


2018/19 Annual Report

We’d like to share and celebrate PVN’s work in 2018/19 with our annual report! In our third year of being supported by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, we grew the network to 1,102 patient partners and the efforts of our network have positively impacted health services within British Columbia.

Patient partners have increased confidence that their thoughts and ideas on how to improve are welcomed, listened to and acted upon. To illustrate, this year’s annual report shares five impact stories that highlight the different ways PVN works toward improving health care in the province.


2017/18 Annual Report

Through this report, we are sharing and celebrating PVN’s work in 2017/18. In our second year of being supported by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, we grew the network to 980 patient partners and strengthened our relationships with health care organizations around the province.

In 2017, we advanced PVN’s strategic goals by providing workshops and learning opportunities, increased youth representation through partnerships with colleges and universities, and created numerous resources to build capacity and advance person- and family-centred care across BC.


2016/17 Annual Report

This report outlines our activities and accomplishments in our first year of being supported by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. Although we’ve been operating since 2009, our shift in structure and support in 2016 inspired us to recap our changes and growth over the year.

In 2016 we have grown our membership, welcoming new patient and health care partners. We’ve rebranded with a fresh, new look and have made better use of our online resources to connect with PVN members and the public at large. With our newly strengthened foundation and the continued support of the Council, we look forward to the future!