Patient Partners

Everyone in BC can join the Patient Voices Network and make health care better!

We all have unique experiences of interacting with the health care system and can contribute to important conversations about care.

PVN connects patients, families and caregivers with those conversations. Patient partners participate in projects led by health authorities, health organizations and non-profits that seek to include patients’ perspectives.

Our patient partners are a diverse group. They are accountants and teachers, designers and students. Their ages span many decades. Some have frequent interactions with the health care system; others do not. Many provide support for someone who needs their care. And every one of them wants to help improve quality of care in our province.

Why Join PVN?

In addition to learning more about our health care system and being directly involved in its improvement, there are many benefits from becoming a PVN Patient Partner:

  • Making a difference: Together, patients and health care partners know best how to improve health care. If you join PVN as a patient partner, you will be able to participate in projects that aim to make health care better.
  • Supported participation: Receive the education and skills necessary to thrive as a patient partner, ongoing support from knowledgeable staff, and reimbursements for food and travel expenses.
  • Network building: Engagement opportunities are a great way to become involved in your community and to meet other patients who may share similar interests and experiences.
  • Resumé building: You’ll learn new skills through engagement opportunities and skill-building webinars while gaining volunteer experience and hours.

There’s no obligation. You decide when to participate, the opportunities that you apply for, and how much time you can give.

What Are Engagement Opportunities?

Each engagement opportunity is unique and depends on the needs of a particular project led by a health care partner. Local opportunities will let you improve care in your community, while provincial opportunities might affect patients across British Columbia. Some examples of opportunities include:

  • Joining advisory committees and working groups
  • Helping develop programs and resources
  • Telling your story at workshops, conferences, and other events
  • Sharing the patient experience with care providers
  • Participating in surveys, focus groups and other ways of providing feedback

Who Can Join?

Every British Columbian. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you do for a living or where you’re from – every opinion and experience is important to our health care partners. The only requirement is that you currently live in British Columbia and use the province’s health care system.


If you have questions about becoming a patient partner or friend that weren’t answered here, please read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.