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Archive: December 2019

Thank You for Making 2019 a Great Year!

2019 is coming to a close, and we’re amazed by how quickly the year went by! As the holidays approach, it’s time for our annual reflection on our evolution over the past year and the meaningful role our patient and health care partners have had in improving BC’s health…

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A Patient Partner Remembers: Sharing Her Husband’s Story to Prevent Others from Suffering

As a palliative patient, Sally Rosevear’s husband passed away at home without comfort measures, emotional support or assistance with personal care, despite her efforts to get him the best treatment possible. She decided to share their story to improve health care and help prevent other patients from experiencing what she and her husband went through.

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Congrats to Betty Murray and Wendy Alston: Leaders in Advancing the Patient Voice in BC

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council revealed the winners of its 2020 Quality Awards, and we’re thrilled to have our patient partners Betty Murray and Wendy Alston as the winner and runner-up of the Leadership in Advancing the Patient Voice category! We’re also happy to see amazing projects that contributed to improving the quality of care. Learn more about them in this post!

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Our Volunteer Agreement Has Been Updated – Learn More!

You probably remember signing our Volunteer Agreement (VA) when you joined PVN, right? The VA is an essential tool to outline the responsibilities and supports available for volunteers, ensuring that they’re aware of the expectations when participating in engagements. After feedback, we decided to update the VA to make it even more helpful for everyone in our Network. Here we explain the changes and how they impact your participation as a patient partner.

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