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Archive: May 2019

Asking “What Matters to You?” at Sunny Hill Health Centre

Known as the “Small Centre with a Big Heart,” Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, in Vancouver, provides specialized development and rehabilitation services for children, youth and families throughout BC. The organization saw International “What Matters to You?” Day as a chance to engage staff by encouraging conversations with families. The results were impressive, so we asked Leslie Louie, the centre’s Family Engagement Advisor, to write a blog post about the campaign.

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My “What Matters to You?” Story: Small Gestures That Make All the Difference

If you or a loved one have ever been sick and in need of care, you’ve probably felt the fear and anxiety of not knowing exactly what was going on and what the treatment would be. And you’ve probably felt relief and comfort if your health care providers made a point of including you in all care decisions. That’s what our patient partner Kyle Warkentin felt during his mom’s care experience, which he shares with us in his “What Matters to You?” story.

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