Frequently Asked Questions – Engagement Request Form

  1. I’ve recently spoken to a PVN engagement leader (EL) about my placement – why is there also an engagement request form?

History has shown us that initiatives that are well articulated and planned lead to better results in the long term. By completing the engagement request form, you describe your opportunity in a way that allows your team members and our ELs to share their input and create an excellent engagement.  Having this information written down is also a vital step in assisting ELs as they craft the engagement invitation for PVN Patient Partners.

  1. How will the information I provide in this form be used?

The information provided in the engagement request form is the backbone of our invitations to PVN volunteers. It is this information (for example: aim of engagement, expected commitment, eligibility, and background) that help our patient partners decide which opportunities match their interest, experience, and ability. ELs will use the engagement request form to draft an engaging and informative invitation that will attract patient partners to your placement. Please see our engagement opportunities page for examples of current engagement invitations in your region.

  1. Why are you asking for so much information about this patient engagement opportunity?

By providing as much detailed information as we do, patient partners are able to determine whether this opportunity is right for them. When well-informed, it ensures that the best people possible are putting their names forward to participate, which will ultimately lead to better outcomes and experiences for everyone involved. We have also found that the very process of going through and filling out the form helps health care partners identify their requirements to support patients for  their engagement opportunity.

  1. I’m being asked about the IAP2 Spectrum of Engagement – what is that?

The International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) spectrum of engagement is a tool that we use to help communicate how PVN patient partners’ input will influence decisions and manage expectations of how they will be asked to participate.  By matching your engagement aim with the best level of engagement, patient partners can better grasp how they can help shape health care decisions. For more information on the Spectrum of Engagement, please visit or check this resource on our site.

  1. How can PVN Patient Partners express their interest in my placement?

PVN Patient Partners review the invitation and determine whether it is something they are interested and able to participate in. They will then complete a brief RSVP survey where they are asked to provide details about their health care experience (as it relates to the specific placement), past training and experience that may be a benefit, and their ability to commit to the placement as required. This information will then be shared with you to help decide which patient partner(s) will be the best fit for your engagement.