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Because your voice matters.

Become a Health Care Partner

We’re so happy that you want to engage patient partners!

We establish close relationships with our health care partners so that we can work together to identify and create engagement opportunities for our network of patient partners.

The forms below help to clarify the patient partners’ role, their level of participation, the aim of your opportunity as well as the readiness of your team to engage patients. Taking this time in the beginning provides the foundation for meaningful involvement.

How to Sign Up

There are three steps to becoming a health care partner:

  1. Read and familiarize yourself with the Guide to Patient Engagement, which covers everything you need to know about engaging patients, families and caregivers in your project and developing a comprehensive patient engagement plan.
  2. Choose the form that best fits your current status. Everyone is at a different point in their patient engagement journey. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you’re uncertain of where to begin, we have a number of options for you to consider. Once you’re ready, fill out the appropriate form and we’ll contact you to get started! 
  3. Sign up to receive information. By signing up for updates, you’ll be the first to know about learning events, new health care partner resources, stories of patient engagement work happening in BC and much more.

Once you’re ready, fill out the appropriate form below and we’ll contact you to get started!

General Consultation Request

Use this form if:

  • You’re not sure where to start,
  • You have an initial idea but need help with creating an engagement plan, or
  • You want help before you move forward

Engagement Request Form

Use this form if:

  • You have a clearly defined aim, patient partner role and supports in place
  • It’s a new opportunity (not recruited for previously)
  • You know the patient partner experience you’re looking for 
  • It’s a volunteer position (reimbursement of travel costs only)
  • You’re seeking support for recruitment, readiness, volunteer management, ongoing support and follow-up/evaluation

Re-Recruitment Form

Use this form if you’ve previously posted an engagement opportunity and want to recruit patient partners again.

External Opportunities Form

We’re happy to promote our partners’ patient engagement opportunities. Use this form if:

  • You’re engaging patients, but not through a PVN engagement opportunity
  • You want PVN members to know about the opportunity
  • Your team is providing support for recruitment, readiness, volunteer management, ongoing support and follow-up/evaluation
  • You may include compensation for patients’ time (in addition to travel reimbursement)

From Our Community

Lucie Neliba

Patient Partner, Surrey

Lucie Neliba

The Patient Voices Network has connected me to a community with the same drive to bring person- and family-centred care to the forefront. I am grateful for all opportunities I have been a part of thanks to PVN, which positively impacts patients like my sister and their caregivers. No matter how small, all patient engagement will help shape the future of health care and that I can stand behind