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Welcome to Our New Website!

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As we continue to grow and patient engagement in BC evolves, we identified the need for a new site that is easier to navigate and more accessible for you. Here’s where we’ll answer your questions about the who, what, why and hows of this new website!

Why do we need a new website?

Since 2009, we have been a go-to platform for health care teams that want to include patient voices in their work. Our partners recognize that the needs of patient and health care partners have changed; they want to get to the information they need quickly. Our new website is a modern, efficient design built for desktops, mobiles and tablets that allows users to:

  • Navigate the website easily and find engagement opportunities that match their interests
  • Enjoy simpler language and better tools to help patient and health care partners get the support that matches their needs
  • Learn and share the impact of the partnerships supported through PVN on improving health care in BC

How did we get here?

We conducted surveys and created a working group with patient and health care partners to learn what you liked, and didn’t like, about our old website. This information focused our efforts on easier navigation and better access to information! We wanted to:

Connect: Bring people together to learn from each other.

Accelerate health care improvement: When health care and patient partners work together, the results are improved patient safety, better health outcomes, reduced health care costs and better decisions1. It leads to better experiences for patients and care providers.

Listen: We want to hear what your needs are and better respond to them.

Why does it look different?

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council has been administering PVN for over five years now. Launching our new website provided an opportunity to align our logo and colours with the Council’s in order to strengthen their visual connections to each other.

Our new website uses design, colours and messaging to reflect our joint values and aspirations. We hope you like our new green and grey colour scheme which we’ll begin rolling out across all of our communications.

What’s included in our new website?

Screenshot of the PVN homepage

The website contains a wealth of information that people can easily navigate when seeking to learn more about us and how they can get involved in their region’s health care improvement work.

It features prominent sign-up directions and testimonials from current patient and health care partners – all with the objective of growing and diversifying our membership to ensure all British Columbians can have their voice heard. It includes:

  • A modern and efficient design built for desktops, mobiles, and tablets
  • Better user experience with more intuitive navigation and site structure
  • Robust internal search for engagement opportunities with filterable results
  • A page dedicated to highlighting how patient voices are improving quality of care across BC
  • More user-friendly layout that adheres to web accessibility standards
  • Personalized resources for patient partners and health care partners

How can I get involved?

Since early 2020, we’ve been researching the need for a new website and including real-time feedback on what works and doesn’t work. We’ve used this research to build our new website and would love your insight and feedback on how we’ve done! Send your thoughts to

Author: the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council team

From Our Community

Cherie Mercer

Patient Partner, New Aiyansh

Cherie Mercer

I have learned so much about innovation and capacity building by being part of PVN. I signed up to build my leadership skills, however, I experience benefits for myself, my community and Indigenous peoples throughout the province. I understand more about the complexities and opportunities required to improve health care.

Agnes Black

Director, Health Services & Clinical Research and Knowledge Translation – Providence Health Care

Agnes Black

It’s really hard to make changes in health care. When a PVN patient partner says, ‘This is important to us’ it keeps us grounded on why a change is needed and keeps us motivated to keep going on projects.