Quality Forum 2019 Presentations Are Available Online Now!

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council hosted Quality Forum 2019 from February 26-28 in Vancouver. The event was a resounding success, filled with great learning opportunities, inspiring speakers and many chances to meet new people and make connections.

This year, we sponsored 20 patient partners to attend the Forum. This was part of the Forum’s commitment to holding a Patients Included conference. PVN patient partners contributed many insights and experiences to discussions, adding a valuable voice to many topics. Patient partners were invited to meet each other over breakfast during Forum.

Many patient engagement sessions were livestreamed on the Council website. If you missed any of the sessions, you can watch them online and find copies of the presentation files! Check out the links:

A6 Extreme Makeover: Patient Partner Edition 

B6 Mock, Yeah: Designing Health Care Environments

  • Humanizing the Hospital Front Entrance Experience Through Co-Design [presentation file]
  • Collaborative Development of a Primary Care Network in Burnaby, British Columbia [presentation file]
  • Simulation-Based Mock-Up Evaluation of a Universal Operating Room [presentation file]

C4 The Patient Voice on What Matters

  • Patient Partner Compensation in Research and Quality Improvement: Tips From the Patient Perspective [presentation file]
  • Patient Journey Mapping, A Valuable Tool for Quality Improvement Projects [presentation file]
  • Why Aren’t We Listening? Prenatal Ultrasounds: How Every Voice Matters [presentation file]

E4 Advancing the Voice of Indigenous Peoples

F6 Enable, Engage, Empower: Strengthening Care for Seniors

  • Enhancing Early Diagnosis & Culturally Sensitive Support & Care of Dementia [presentation file]
  • Frail Elderly Preoperative Assessment Clinic: From an Idea to Reality [presentation file]
  • #UnitGoals: Building a Dementia-Friendly Culture in Hospital [presentation file]

G8 – Spreading the Safety Net

The presentation files from these breakouts, as well as others from Quality Forum 2019, are available for download here.

Written by Thais Freitas

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