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How to Connect with Other Patient and Health Care Partners in Our PVN Facebook Group

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Are you a member of our PVN Patient & Health Care Partners Facebook Group? In this post we’ll show you how to join the group and use it to connect with other PVN members across BC. Check it out!

We’ve loved seeing how eager our members are to connect and learn from each other. That’s why we’ve hosted networking opportunities such as our coffee meetings and other events across the province.

But why wait for an event when we can use social media to connect anytime, anywhere, right? It was with that in mind that we created our PVN Patient & Health Care Partners Facebook Group, a safe online space where patient and health care partners can network, get to know and support each other, share experiences, and exchange thoughts on how we can work together to improve BC’s health care system.

Who Can Join the Group?

Our PVN Facebook group is closed, so only members of the group can see its content. We chose that option to make sure that our members would feel safe and free to talk about what is going on in the Network. To join the group, you must be a patient or health care partner with PVN, or a member of the PVN team.

How to Join Our PVN Facebook Group

The steps are pretty simple:

  • Log in to Facebook
  • Go to the group by clicking on this link
  • Click on the green + Join Group button in the centre of the page

After you request to join the group, the moderator (myself!) will be notified and accept your request.

PVN Patient and Health Care Partners Facebook Group
This is the page you’ll see when you visit our PVN Facebook Group for the first time. The green button is the one you click to join

What Should You Post?

After joining the group, you’ll have access to all the posts that its members have shared, and you will be able to join conversations or create new ones. Feel free to post any relevant topic you want: this is the right place to share your ideas and opinions about the Network and volunteering in general, talk about the engagement opportunities in which you’ve participated, ask questions, and post links to interesting articles and websites. All posts and comments are moderated according to our Community Guidelines.

Our PVN Facebook Group is a space for you to express yourself and get to know the other members spread across BC. And the group has another good resource for that! On the right side of the page, you will see a box named Group Chats, where you can click on the “+ Start New Chat” button and open a private chat box with the group members you select. That’s a great way to have conversations and even start friendships with other members who share your interests.

Group chat
On the right side of our group page, you can see who the other members are and start private chats with them. You can even easily make group calls with them!

Help Us Spread the Word about Our PVN Facebook Group

On the top right side of the page, you will also see a box that says Add Members, where you’re able to invite your Facebook friends to join the group. If you are connected to another PVN patient or health care partner that isn’t a member of the group yet, please invite them! The more PVN members who join the group and post within it, the more it will serve our goal of connecting our community.

And if you have any other questions about the group that weren’t answered here, you’re more than welcome to comment on this post, send us an email or message us on Facebook or Twitter. We’re always looking forward to hearing from you!

From Our Community

Cherie Mercer

Patient Partner, New Aiyansh

Cherie Mercer

I have learned so much about innovation and capacity building by being part of PVN. I signed up to build my leadership skills, however, I experience benefits for myself, my community and Indigenous peoples throughout the province. I understand more about the complexities and opportunities required to improve health care.