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Virtual Hospital – Creating a person centred service



Commitment: One-time

Connection method: In-person

Open to Fraser – Vancouver Coastal


Fraser Health is designing a regional Virtual Hospital service. A Virtual Hospital is another way for patients to get medical care that they would normally get in the hospital, in the comfort of their own home. Patients in a Virtual Hospital are considered ‘admitted’ hospital patients and will be able to connect with their health care team 24 hours a day. Technology such as tablets and medical devices like blood pressure machines will be used for patients and their care teams to communicate and share information about their health.

The Fraser Health Virtual Health team is hosting an in-person session, on January 22 from 10:00 – 12:30 at Central City in Surrey, to hear about previous impactful hospital experiences and what matters most to patients to inform Fraser Health’s design of the Virtual Hospital Service. We want to hear about:
– Your previous experiences in traditional hospital settings, positive and negative
– Your anticipated experience in a virtual hospital setting
– Opportunities to carry over your positive experiences to the Virtual Hospital
– What matters most to you if you were to be admitted to a Virtual Hospital and cared for at home

Patient perspectives are key to informing the design of the Virtual Hospital to make sure the service meets the needs of patients and provides a good care experience. Therefore this session will focus on highlighting and understanding the perspective of the patient and family/supports and what is most important to you to inform design of Virtual Hospital services in Fraser Health.

A Virtual Hospital is a safe way to care for people who have stable and predictable medical conditions, whose care needs do not require 24/7 in-person care, and those who are able to connect with the care team using technology independently or with the help of their family/supports (essential care partners).

Virtual Hospitals, sometimes called ‘Hospitals at Home’, have successfully been implemented in Canada and other countries around the world. Research has shown that this kind of care can ben beneficial at:
• lowering the risk for hospital-based complications
• minimizing patients’ exposure to infectious diseases
• providing the same or better care as in a bricks and mortar hospital
• supporting patients who desire to stay in the comfort of their own home with their family and supports
• reducing the pressure to move patients out of hospital beds

You may want to review the following to help you feel prepared
Article about Fraser Health’s Virtual Psychiatry Unit (VPU)
Video – Virtual Hospital, A new way of receiving care

Level of Engagement

This opportunity is at the level of Involve on the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation.


  • An interest in improving health care services
  • The time to participate in the engagement opportunity
Patient Partners ARE NOT required to be PVN members to participate in this engagement opportunity.

Health Care Partner Contact Information

Laura Klein Clinical Practice Consultant, Professional Practice | Fraser Health (604) 613-6598

From Our Community

Karla Warkotsch

Patient Experience Consultant – Interior Health

Karla Warkotsch

The question I like to ask health care employees is ‘Who is this for?’ and ‘Do we have the right people at the table?’ As a health care employee, I see how easy it is to fall into doing for, rather than doing with patients. The voices of the patient, family and caregiver are essential to ensure the patient is central to the direction and focus of the work being done.