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Patient Partner Contributor, Evaluating Professionalism

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Open to Interior Region, Patient partners from Kelowna and surrounding area

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Kelowna General Hospital’s (KGH) Cultural Transformation group would like to review KGH’s professionalism when it comes to interacting with patients. Help us understand how we’re doing based on your personal experiences.

Open to: Patient partners from Kelowna and surrounding area

Lead Organization or Department

Kelowna General Hospital - Cultural Transformation


The goal is to focus on improvement in the area of staff professionalism. Along with engaging staff, we want to hear from patients because they are the ones receiving the care and will have the most personal perspective.

Level of Engagement

This opportunity is at the level of consult on the spectrum of engagement. The promise to you is that the health care partner will listen to and acknowledge your ideas and concerns, and provide feedback on how your input affected the decision.


    Be willing to:
  • Share an experience from KGH
  • Describe your experience via the RSVP form in this invitation including examples
  • Share either positive or negative experiences


Number of vacancies: 5 Location, Date, Time and Frequency:
  • This opportunity will be conducted by completion of the RSVP in this opportunity
  • You will be contacted if further clarification is required
  • Your experience will remain anonymous (only shared with the lead for this work so they can contact you as needed for further clarification)


There are no reimbursable expenses associated with this opportunity.


A management team has been formed to explore professionalism in the acute care setting at KGH in the following areas: 1) patients knowing name and occupation of staff at the patient's bedside 2) professional dress - staff dressed appropriately for role? 3) cell phone use? - have patients seen staff distracted by their use of cell phones? 4) have staff communicated respectfully with patient? 5) When I use the words "staff professionalism" what expectations and hopes come to mind?

Health Care Partner Contact Information

Carol Stathers
Engagement Leader, Patient and Public Engagement | Interior Region

From Our Community

Shana Ooms

Executive Director of Primary Care Strategy, Policy and Quality — BC Ministry of Health

Shana Ooms

Where those of us in the room may have debated policy or wording, patient voices made sure patients were top of mind. And as a result, significant improvements were made to simplify something that was otherwise complex. Patient voices at the table bring us back to reality in terms of what we are trying to achieve.