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Member, Disclosure Learning and Support Strategy Project Team

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Open to Vancouver Island Region, Patient partners across the Island Health region

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Island Health is committed to ensuring that disclosure of patient safety incidents occur in a timely, transparent and supportive manner. Island Health’s Disclosure Working Group is about to start developing a learning and support strategy to guide staff and clinicians in these important conversations with patients and families. This is your opportunity to ensure the patient and family perspective is represented in the Disclosure materials and education!

Open to: Patient partners across the Island Health region

Lead Organization or Department

Island Health, Quality and Patient Safety Department


The aim of the Disclosure Learning and Support Strategy Working Group is to develop options for disclosure learning and support for consideration and adoption by leadership. These options aim to address gaps in learning and support thereby ensuring the Island Health care community is supported to have open and honest communication with patients and/or families when an unexpected medical outcome occurs. The patient partner perspective is essential to this work, as these conversations often occur during high stress and emotional situations and it is important that the disclosure happens in a timely and sensitive manner. The patient partner who joins the project team will be asked to attend regular meetings and collaborate in the development of options for a learning and support strategy that describes: target audience; stakeholder engagement; curriculum; delivery model(s); cadre of faculty/trainers; proposed training schedule, budget, monitoring and evaluation plan; communication/promotion plan; and support and sustainability plan.

Level of Engagement

This opportunity is at the level of collaborate on the spectrum of engagement. The promise to you is that the health care partner will work together with you to formulate solutions and incorporate your advice and recommendations into the decisions to the maximum extent possible.


  • Can speak to and is willing to share lived experience with Island Health Programs and Services, either as a patient, family member or caregiver
  • Has an interest in learning about Island Health and building new skills
  • Willing to work as part of a team
  • Available for a regular meeting schedule
Please note: This opportunity is not open to patient partners who are currently employed by Island Health. The placement process for this opportunity may include an informal interview between the volunteer and the health care partner. Applicants must have previously attended a PVN orientation session and completed the Volunteer Agreement. If you have not attended an orientation session but you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Ashley Clark directly to see if accommodations may be possible.


Number of vacancies: 1-2 Date/Time: First meeting is on January 17, 2019 from 900 - 1600 Location: In-person Royal Jubilee Hospital (Victoria, BC) or via teleconference Commitment: One week to six months


Pre-approved transportation and parking costs to attend meetings will be reimbursed by Island Health.


Patient Safety programs at Island Health are dedicated to supporting care teams to learn from and prevent patient safety incidents in order to improve patient safety across the organization. The principles that underpin our approach to the management and disclosure of patient safety incidents include:
  • A safe and just culture encompassing openness, honesty, fairness, and accountability;
  • Patient- and family-centred care;
  • Meaningful involvement of patients, families and staff who were directly involved in the incident;
  • Timely, confidential and consistent processes;
  • Reporting and learning for the purpose of improving quality and safety; and
  • Restoration of trust and relationships.
We have identified a need to improve the care teams’ competencies for disclosure. Developing options for a strategy to meet this need will help us move this work forward.

Engagement Leader Contact Information

Ashley Clark
Engagement Leader, Patient & Public Engagement | Vancouver Island

From Our Community

Layton Engwer

Patient Partner, Sooke

Layton Engwer

PVN helped empower me to make meaningful contributions to Primary Care (PC) locally and provincially.  It also facilitated creation of PC Patient Voices which is focused on PC and provides education support and building on shared experiences.