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Island Health’s Healthcare Capacity and Patient Flow Video – sharing patient experience



Commitment: One-time

Connection method: Virtual

Open to Vancouver Island Region, Patient partners across BC


Island Health is creating Health Capacity and Flow education modules for all Island Health staff.
Health Capacity and Flow education module learning outcomes are:
 Consider patients’ experience and journey
 Describe and define patient flow
 Describe and define capacity
 Create opportunities for efficiencies in patient flow
 Describe interrelationship between capacity and flow
 Describe how your role impacts patient flow
 Identify barriers to effect patient flow in your role
 Recognize how care areas are interconnected
 Describe patient and health systems results of poor patient flow

We are looking for patient partners who will be willing to share their experiences.

Level of Engagement

This opportunity is at the level of Consult on the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation.


  • Willing & comfortable to share health care experiences in a group setting
  • Comfort with public speaking
  • An interest in improving health care services
  • The time to participate in the engagement opportunity

Patient Partners ARE NOT required to be PVN members to participate in this engagement opportunity.

Health Care Partner Contact Information

Param Gill
Leader- SI, Community Capacity Team | Island Health
(250) 732-2944

From Our Community

Laura Klein

Clinical Practice Consultant in Fraser Health

Laura Klein

Seeking the patient perspective doesn’t have to be complicated; it simply entails a commitment to ask and listen. Patient advisors not only bring a valuable perspective but also share original ideas and unique skills. Including the patient and family perspective changes the conversation and aligns the team’s focus towards common goals.