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Interviewee, Enhancing BC Institute of Technology (BCIT) Student Nurses’ Communication & Interview Skills



Commitment: Short-term

Connection method: Virtual

Open to Fraser – Vancouver Coastal, Patient partners across BC


The BCIT Nursing Program supports the goal of good health and well-being for all persons. Help our future nurses put into action their health interview skills to better understand your health journey and perspectives by volunteering for an interview.
Aim: To allow newly enrolled student nurses to develop their communication skills and develop an understanding of how the health care journey impacts what patients go through and ultimately their health outcomes.
Background: At BCIT, student nurses start their first term in a community rotation. During this rotation, student nurses meet older patients with long-term medical condition(s) who live in the community. We believe interviewing patient partners will provide the students with an opportunity to practice their communication skills. BCIT Nursing students and instructors will be involved in this initiative and confidentiality will be maintained.
Number of vacancies: 24-36
Date and Time: Interviews to be scheduled between February 5th- February 21st at a time that is convenient for patient partners (interviews will last between 15-30 minutes)
Location: Telephone or Zoom interviews
Commitment: One time

A second engagement will occur in the Spring from May 13th- May 29th, 2024.
If you would like to participate in the Spring interviews, please indicate here.

For all inquiries regarding the engagement, please contact Diane De Stefano, Faculty:

To RSVP please fill out the form linked below.

Level of Engagement

This opportunity is at the level of Consult on the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation.


  • Willing & comfortable to share health care experiences in a group setting
  • Specific health care experiences [details below]
  • Have access to technology and the internet to participate in the engagement opportunity
  • Comfortable using technology to attend online/virtual meetings
  • An interest in improving health care services
  • The time to participate in the engagement opportunityOpen to patient partners across the province who: Ideally would be an older adult (55 years of age or older) with long term medical condition(s) (for example diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, etc.), however younger older adults (between 45 - 55 years of age) experiencing long term medical condition(s)
Patient Partners ARE required to be PVN members to participate in this engagement opportunity.

Health Care Partner Contact Information

Leanna Wong Program Assistant, IPE | BCIT SoHS (604) 431-4925

From Our Community

Laura Klein

Clinical Practice Consultant in Fraser Health

Laura Klein

Seeking the patient perspective doesn’t have to be complicated; it simply entails a commitment to ask and listen. Patient advisors not only bring a valuable perspective but also share original ideas and unique skills. Including the patient and family perspective changes the conversation and aligns the team’s focus towards common goals.