Closing the Loop Form

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  • This form has been created to assist you, our health care partners, to close the loop, formally ending your engagement.

    Closing the loop is considered a key step in the engagement process. It is the action of:

    (i) Acknowledging the engagement completion and thanking all involved for their participation;

    (ii) Sharing how/if the aim of the project has been met (outcomes);

    (iii) Sharing how the contribution and participation of patient partners influenced the outcome (impact);

    We ask you to submit this form at the end of your engagement, or the end of a patient’s term on an ongoing committee. When possible, we strongly encourage patient partner and health care partner teams to sit down together to complete this form, reflect on your work, chat about lessons learned and celebrate successes. Engagement Leaders are available to facilitate these meetings or phone calls as required.

    Why Is This Important?

    Being aware of how their input has influenced positive changes in the health care system is a priority for Patient Voices Network members. The BC Ministry of Health, in their 2018 Patient Engagement Framework said that patient, family, caregiver, and public engagement is being embedded in how they make decisions moving forward. In 2016, Accreditation Canada updated language in required organizational practices with a new emphasis on “co-design”, “partnership”, “input”, and “collaboration” with patients and families.

    Not only is a written summary of an engagement meaningful for patient partners to receive, it is valuable for health care teams to keep on file to inform future patient engagement work and share with those interested in seeing improvements such as Accreditation Canada and the general public.

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this form! You may save it at any time and come back to finish it when you're ready. You will receive an e-mail copy of the completed form after you are done.

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