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Patient Partner Midterm Engagement Survey

  • Part 1: The Basics

  • Health Care Partners are health authorities, health organizations, and/or non-profit groups that you worked directly with during this engagement opportunity. Your health care partner contact is someone from the health care organization that you worked with. Here are some examples.
  • Your PVN Engagement Leader is your contact from the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council who initially supported you and the health care partner to begin working together on this engagement opportunity. Please refer to our website to identify the Engagement Leader from your region.
  • Part 2: Rating Your Agreement

  • Strongly disagreeDisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly agreeNot Applicable
    I feel welcomed by the health care partner(s).
    I have received sufficient initial background information so that I am clear on the intent, scope and goals of the project/engagement.
    I understand what is expected of me as a participant, as outlined by the health care partner(s).
    I understand how my participation contributes to achieve the overall goals of the engagement.
    I feel prepared and able to participate in a meaningful way.
  • Part 3: Short Answer Responses

  • Sharing Survey Responses with Health Care Partners

From Our Community

Agnes Black

Director, Health Services & Clinical Research and Knowledge Translation – Providence Health Care

Agnes Black

It’s really hard to make changes in health care. When a PVN patient partner says, ‘This is important to us’ it keeps us grounded on why a change is needed and keeps us motivated to keep going on projects.