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Because your voice matters.

Share What Matters to You

What Matters to You? Day is a new campaign with the simple goal of encouraging meaningful conversations between patients, caregivers, and families, and their health care providers.

The campaign started in Norway in 2014, and has grown into a global initiative, with over 500 teams in 14 countries participating in 2016. This year, for the first time, “What Matters to You?” Day (#WMTY17) is happening in BC.

As discussed at Oversight & Advisory Committee meeting on April 25, we want to promote our Committee`s support, so we’re asking for messages from committee members to put together a blog post to share with the Network, highlighting the importance of the campaign and how it supports PVN’s work.

Would you like to participate? If so, please just answer the question below, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you!

From Our Community

Ovey Yeung

Patient Partner, Vancouver

Ovey Yeung

Being involved in the Patient Voices Network has broadened my understanding of the system and helped me empathize with health care challenges and limitations. What matters to me is to walk away feeling that my experience matters, that I matter!