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Asking “What Matters to You?” at Sunny Hill Health Centre

Known as the “Small Centre with a Big Heart,” Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, in Vancouver, provides specialized development and rehabilitation services for children, youth and families throughout BC. The organization saw International “What Matters to You?” Day as a chance to engage staff by encouraging conversations with families. The results were impressive, so […]

Webinar: “What Matters to You?” Day Preparation

We’ve encouraged health care providers and patients to have “What matters to you?” conversations each and every day over the past year. Now it’s time to celebrate the genuine partnerships these conversations helped form on “What Matters to You?” Day on June 6! As we gear up for the celebration, we’d like to invite you to attend a lunch-time webinar where patients and health care providers will share their stories and experiences with starting conversations and building genuine partnerships. Join us to learn more about how “What Matters to You?” has impacted relationships between patients and care providers, and how it can be implemented within care!

The How-To of Embedding “What Matters to You?” — Webinar

Join us for this practical, skills-based “What Matters to You?” webinar! It will be a how-to guide on preparing patients and family members for “What matters to you?” conversations, encouraging health care providers to ask the question, and rallying community members to lead the initiative. Speakers include Maggie Breslin from The Patient Revolution, Lara Gurney […]

Bringing Seniors Together at Good Samaritan Canada with “What Matters to You?”

With “What Matters to You?” now a year-round initiative, we have been continually reaching out to patient and health care partners for their experiences with this important question. We chatted with Erin Muxlow from the Victoria Heights location of Good Samaritan Canada, an assisted living facility in New Westminster, about how it has influenced her […]

“What Matters to You?” Sparks Change at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children

With International “What Matters to You?” Day coming up tomorrow, we checked in with Leslie Louie and George Wallbank, two staff members at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children in Vancouver, to find out more about their “What Matters to You?” activities last year. After they shared the poster they created for the 2018 Quality […]