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Patient-focused sessions from Quality Forum 2016

Patient-Driven Change for an Improved Health and Care System

Presentation from the NHS Transformathon, January 28 2016.

In the past, improvement efforts were typically led by health care leaders and professionals, who were familiar with the service provided but were not “experts by experience”. As health and care systems strive for person-centred care, it’s important for not only a change in care delivery, but also a change in how change and transformation is achieved. In order to create person-centred care, service users and families need to be regarded as true partners in care and in redesign.

This session introduced members of the Patient Voices Network in British Columbia, Canada where patients are being engaged to co-design innovative approaches. Patient partners from the network discussed the vital role of the patient in leading transformation in the system, and shared stories to illustrate the significant changes that are possible.

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