Patient Engagement Learning Series

We recently introduced and debuted our new learning series on patient engagement! Hosted by our Engagement Leaders and health care partners, this series was created for our membership to build authentic patient engagement to improve BC’s health care system.

This webinar series provides an easy, one-stop shop to develop skills such as effective communication and partnership-building. We’ve chosen a variety of topics that address the current needs facing the PVN membership, and the series is designed to strengthen the partnerships between patients and health care providers. Below are the webinar recordings of our first installment of the Patient Engagement Learning Series:

Session 1 – Primary Care Networks: What are they and how do they work


Session 2 – Building Authentic Patient Engagement: Why and how you should work together


Session 3 – Communication 101: Tips for effective communication for great partnerships


Patient Engagement Learning Series sessions will also take place in June and October 2019.

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