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Prostate Cancer Screening Research Advisory Group



Open to Provincial Region, Patient partners across the province


We are looking for individuals who have experience with prostate cancer (PC) screening to be a part of our Research Advisory Group. The individual may have a prior diagnosis of PC or had a biopsy or been screened. The goal of our project is to determine the cost-effectiveness of new diagnostic tools to better determine risk of PC. We want to include the patient perspective to inform our map of the clinical journey of PC screening and diagnosis.

More Information:

The patient partner will attend an initial project meeting for orientation, participate in up to three meetings, and may be required to respond to email correspondence. Meetings will be held by phone or using an online virtual tool like Zoom. At meetings, the patient partner may be asked to: (1) listen to and review findings with us; (2) give feedback on our patient process map; and (3) discuss next steps.

Health Categories:
Prostate Cancer
Prostate Diseases

Age: 45 Years – 85 Years Old

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From Our Community

Nancy J. Wood

Patient Partner, Sidney

Nancy J. Wood

I was thrilled to discover the Patient Voices Network, where the array of places to be the voice of a patient is vast and incredibly interesting. Besides my ongoing “gig” with the BC Emergency Medicine Network, I have enjoyed being involved in several one-off initiatives. I love working with professionals who genuinely value the perspectives of their patient partners.