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Give Feedback on a Questionnaire

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Working Group Member to review questionnaire about sexually transmitted and blood borne infection testing

Health Areas
Sexual Health, Health Services and Policy, Primary Health Care, Public Health, HIV, Other Immune System and Infection, Reproduction and Sexual Health, Digital Health, Virtual Health

Opportunity Purpose
We are currently preparing a questionnaire that asks people about their preferences regarding testing for sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (e.g., HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia). We would like input on the questionnaire, particularly the ease in reading and navigating through it and the wording of our questions and passages.

You will be asked to read the entire draft questionnaire. You should make notes as you read on passages or questions that are confusing or could be clarified. After reading it, you will be asked to complete a separate survey about how clear the questionnaire is and how hard it is to complete. The results of the survey and the notes will be reviewed by the research team to understand where the questionnaire needs improvement.

Vancouver Island / Coast
Lower Mainland
Thompson – Okanagan
North Coast and Nechako

All knowledge levels (none, limited, knowledgeable) about testing for sexually transmitted and blood borne infections are welcome. No specific experience or knowledge is needed.
Age: 19 Years – 100 Years Old

From Our Community

Karla Warkotsch

Patient Experience Consultant – Interior Health

Karla Warkotsch

The question I like to ask health care employees is ‘Who is this for?’ and ‘Do we have the right people at the table?’ As a health care employee, I see how easy it is to fall into doing for, rather than doing with patients. The voices of the patient, family and caregiver are essential to ensure the patient is central to the direction and focus of the work being done.