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Did You Receive Specialized Prenatal Care Outside of Your Community for a Placental Issue?

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Did you have to leave your local community to receive specialized prenatal care for a placental issue? We want to hear from you!

Health Areas
Public Health, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Other Women’s Health, Rural Health

Opportunity Purpose
We are currently studying a blood test called “Placental Growth Factor” (PlGF) to see if it can help determine if a pregnant individual at risk of placental problems needs to be relocated for medical care or if they can receive appropriate care close to home. Our research is in the early stages of development, and we are seeking patient advisors to assist us in shaping this research project.

The scientific literature suggests that a blood test called “Placental Growth Factor” (PlGF) has the potential to help determine if patients with certain placental risk factors should relocate to receive specialized care, but we don’t yet have all the evidence we need to incorporate this blood test in clinical care. We will conduct this study to gather more information and find out how PlGF can be best used to help patients like you.

We expect to include 1-2 patient advisors, and 80-200 study participants in this project. The current opportunity posting is just for patient advisors, not participants.

We are looking for individuals who meet the following criteria:
• Had a baby within the past 7 years
• Had to leave your local community during pregnancy for care at a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) outpatient clinic or were transferred as an inpatient before delivery because your care provider was worried about a placental problem

It’s important to clarify that the role of a patient advisor is different from being a research participant. Your important contributions as an advisor would include:

• Providing general feedback about what is important to patients in this research
• Reviewing participant recruitment posters and scripts
• Helping with the training of research personnel to recruit patients in this population
• Making sure our research results are easy to understand for everyone, by reviewing summaries, reports, and presentations

Age: 19 Years – 45 Years Old

Vancouver Island / Coast
Lower Mainland
Thompson – Okanagan
North Coast and Nechako

From Our Community

Pamela Jessen

Patient Partner, Langford

Pamela Jessen

The Patient Voices Network allows me to engage and educate others on various health-related topics. By sitting on various committees and taking part in many activities, I can create real change in health care for everyone. It’s so empowering!