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Team Member, Patient Partnership Process Improvement Project



Commitment: Long-term

Connection method: Virtual

Open to Vancouver Island Region


Volunteer Opportunity
Do you have an interest in improving the process that enables patient partners and health care partners to engage with one another within Island Health. Read more to find out about the Patient Partnership Process Improvement Project!


Lead Organization/Department
Island Health, Patient Experience

The aim of the Patient Partnership Process Improvement Project is to improve the process of engaging patient partners within Island Health. The purpose for engaging patient partners to participate on the project team is to ensure that the improvements made to the patient partnership process is grounded in the experience of those impacted by the process – patients, family members and caregivers who volunteer to engage through the Patient Voices Network (PVN).

The role of the patient partner is to participate as part of the Patient Partnership Process Improvement Team, in collaboration with team members from Island Health and the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council.

Level of Engagement
This opportunity is at the level of collaborate on the spectrum of engagement. The promise to you is that the health care partner will work together with you to formulate solutions and incorporate your advice and recommendations into the decisions to the maximum extent possible.

Open to patient partners from the Vancouver Island region who:
– Are comfortable sharing thoughts/experiences in a group setting
– Are able to meet virtually using Zoom, to ensure COVID-19 restrictions can be followed effectively.
– Have recent or extensive experience with patient partnership processes between Island Health and PVN (e.g., patient partner orientation process, sign-up and confidentiality agreements, etc.)

Please note:
– This opportunity is not open to patient partners who are currently employed by Island Health.
– A Meet and Greet may be a part of determining the best fit for both patient and health care partners prior to placement.

A Meet and Greet will be a part of determining the best fit for both patient and health care partners prior to placement.

Number of vacancies: 2
• Date/Time: The first meeting will occur during the first week of May 2021 and meetings will continue until September 2021
– The team is planning to meet twice a month for the first 1-2 months and then monthly for the remainder of the project
– Meetings will be for 90 minutes on a weekday, between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm (the ongoing time will be confirmed with participants)
• Location: Online via Zoom
• Commitment: Up to six months

No travel expenses are expected, as all meetings will occur virtually. If you would like to participate in this opportunity, but have concerns about your ability to do so, please contact Ashley Clark ( to discuss.


Island Health’s Experience Strategy outlines a focus on expanding approaches that enable people to collaborate in shared decision-making, improvement and co-creation at multiple levels across Island Health, with opportunities for discussion, input, feedback, and enhanced information-sharing.

For this to occur, it is important to have a clear, effective process to enable connection and engagement between patient partners and health care partners within Island Health. The purpose of this improvement project is to improve the process of engaging patient partners through PVN within Island Health.

Overarching aims include:
Improved experience of patient and health care partners within the process of engagement
Efficient, effective and accessible processes for engagement
Better reporting out of impacts of patient and public engagement
Reduced organizational system risks when patient partners get involved

This project will be made up of Experience Team members at Island Health, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council Team members, two patient partners and one health care partner.

Patient Partnership Process Improvement Team – Terms of Reference.

Engagement Leader Contact Information

Ashley Clark
Engagement Leader, Patient & Public Engagement | Vancouver Island

From Our Community

Cherie Mercer

Patient Partner, New Aiyansh

Cherie Mercer

I have learned so much about innovation and capacity building by being part of PVN. I signed up to build my leadership skills, however, I experience benefits for myself, my community and Indigenous peoples throughout the province. I understand more about the complexities and opportunities required to improve health care.