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Steering Committee Member – Kootenay Boundary Coordinated Chronic Pain Care Project



Commitment: Long-term

Open to Interior Region, Patient partners from Kootenay Boundary area


Volunteer Opportunity
A collaborative group of general practitioners, specialists, health authority leaders and allied health professionals are working to improve care for adults with chronic pain. Our steering committee is looking for a patient partner with lived experience with chronic pain to join this committee and help inform this work.


Lead Organization/Department
Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice

The Kootenay Boundary Coordinated Chronic Pain Care project is focused on providing a stronger network of care between General practitioners (GP’s), Specialists, and other health professionals, and strengthening support for patients to more effectively self-manage their condition. A patient partner on our steering committee is important to help shape our strategies and project activities that will be of benefit to patients.

Level of Engagement
This opportunity is at the level of collaborate on the spectrum of engagement. The promise to you is that the health care partner will work together with you to formulate solutions and incorporate your advice and recommendations into the decisions to the maximum extent possible.

• Resident of the Kootenay Boundary area
• Experience working with committees, boards or other collaborative leadership tables
• Lived experience with chronic pain, either as patient or caregiver
• Some familiarity with project or group activities aimed a improving services

• Number of vacancies: 2
• Location, Date, Time and Frequency:
– The project steering committee meets for 2 hours approximately every 6 weeks
– Meetings are held via virtually
– There may be additional telephone or videoconference discussions scheduled to address specific elements of the project and to provide input to the project manager or other support staff
– Any additional meetings will be optional and scheduled at a mutually convenient time

It is anticipated that this work will continue for up to 1 year

Due to COVID 19, there is currently no travel involved to participate in meetings or events. Should this change over the life of the project, and with prior approval, any necessary travel or accommodation costs would be reimbursed.

Physicians in the Kootenay Boundary area initiated this project to improve capacity to provide care for chronic pain patients at all levels of need. As a rural region, there are many challenges for patients moving between primary care, specialized community services and specialist care at the regional hospital – and accessing appropriate patient self-management supports that meet individual needs.
This project is primarily focused on the community setting – although outpatient specialist services provided through hospital are also included.

Engagement Leader Contact Information

Carol Stathers
Engagement Leader, Patient and Public Engagement | Interior Region

From Our Community

Jeanette Foreman

Northwest Quality Improvement Lead, Quality and Innovation, Northern Health

Jeanette Forman

PVN has really helped us engage with patient partners to improve health services at Northern Health.  It is more and more becoming the norm to include patients in the design, delivery and evaluation of health services.  PVN education and supports, involving patient partners, have enabled us to develop the capacity to include the patient voice to make care better and achieve better health outcomes.