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Participant, Infection Control Medical Student Interviews

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Open to Provincial Region, Patient partners across the province

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Have you been put under infection control precautions, sometimes know as isolation? This is your opportunity to inform medical students about what this experience was like for you. You will be helping to raise the next generation of medical physicians to be more in tune with the patient experience.

Open to: Patient partners across the province

Lead Organization or Department

Provincial Infection Control Network


This opportunity will help future physicians understand a patient experience and perspective with health care-associated infections. The patient partner will participate in an informal interview with a medical student that may be face-to-face or by telephone.

Level of Engagement

This opportunity is at the level of consult on the spectrum of engagement. The promise to you is that the health care partner will listen to and acknowledge your ideas and concerns, and provide feedback on how your input affected the decision.


  • Have been cared for by staff using infection control precautions (eg. gowns, gloves, mask, single room with restricted access)
  • Feels comfortable telling their story and expressing their feelings and emotions.


Vacancies: 12 Time, Date, Location: Students are located in Vancouver and Kelowna. Time frame is between mid April and mid June. Each individual will be contacted by their assigned medical student to arrange a mutually agreeable time. Commitment: One-time commitment


No expenses anticipated for telephone interviews. Out-of-pocket expenses (mileage, gas, parking) for attending an in-person interview.


These interviews are a component of an elective course for medical students. The experience aims to teach medical students practices that prevent and control health care associated infections and transmission of communicable disease. The most common health care-associated infections include carrying MRSA or CPO or VRE, a post operative infection, C difficile, but also someone may be admitted with a communicable disease such as tuberculosis and require infection control precautions. The patients experience and perspective is an important element that the medical students need to understand.

Health Care Partner Contact Information

Kathryn Proudfoot
Engagement Leader, Patient & Public Engagement | Provincial

From Our Community

Christine Wallsworth

Patient Partner, Vancouver

Christine Wallsworth

Patient and family partners should not be a check box on research proposals! They need to be involved right from the start. I know patient and family partners are doing their part by providing their knowledge to researchers from their lived experience.  It’s a win-win for us to work together through PVN to make sure our input drives improvements.