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Reviewer, Patient Education Materials for Pediatric Emergency Room Visits

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Open to Provincial Region, Patient partners from across the province

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Fever and asthma and wounds, oh my! Have you ever taken your child to the Emergency Room and left feeling confused & unsure how to manage their illness or injury at home? A project team from the UBC Medical School Island Medical Program needs input from patient partners to ensure that new pamphlets about asthma, fever and wounds are understandable and useful for patients and families.

Open to: Patient partners from across the province

Lead Organization or Department

UBC Medical School Island Medical Program, Island Health


Too often, when parents leave the Emergency Room with their children, they feel unprepared and uneducated on how to manage the illness at home.  A  project at the Victoria General Hospital aims to address this problem by revamping the education material provided for three of the most common reasons children visit the emergency department: fevers, wounds, and asthma. Patient partner involvement is needed to evaluate the current materials, provide suggestions for improvement, and evaluate the newly developed materials.  Patients will be asked to review electronic copies of the pamphlets and drafts, and provide feedback via online-surveys and email.

Level of Engagement

This opportunity is at the level of involve on the spectrum of engagement. The promise to you is that the health care partner will involve patients in planning and design phases to ensure ideas or concerns are considered and reflected in alternatives and recommendations.


Open to patient partners who:
  • Enjoy reviewing communication materials and providing written feedback online; and
  • Have experience as a parent or guardian, bringing a child into the Emergency Department.


  • Date and Time: TBD. Timeline is roughly planned as follows:
    • 1 survey & online quiz during summer 2018 (expected 15-20 min duration)
    • 2 email-based feedback requests in the fall (expected 15 min duraction each)
    • 1 survey & online quiz in the fall/winter (expected 15-20 min duration)
  • Location: online
  • Commitment: 3-4 feedback requests over a 6 month period.


No expenses to participate


The primary aim of this quality improvement initiative is to address the quality of discharge education information provided to parents in the Victoria General Hosptial emergency department.  The project is being led by an UBC Medical Student as part of the FLEX curriculum, under the supervision of a physician from the Victoria General Hospital Emergency Department.

Health Care Partner Contact Information

Kira Tozer
Engagement Leader, Patient & Public Engagement | Vancouver Island

From Our Community

Layton Engwer

Patient Partner, Sooke

Layton Engwer

PVN helped empower me to make meaningful contributions to Primary Care (PC) locally and provincially.  It also facilitated creation of PC Patient Voices which is focused on PC and provides education support and building on shared experiences.