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Reviewer, Island Health Patient Pre-Surgical Health History Questionnaire Improvement Initiative

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Commitment: Short-term

Connection method: Virtual

Open to Vancouver Island Region

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Volunteer Opportunity
Join us to enhance pre-surgical and post-surgical continuity of care. We are looking to learn from Indigenous and Non-Indigenous patient partners to expand the “Island Health Patient Pre-Surgical Health History Questionnaire” to include additional care providers that may support a person’s surgical journey. Please join us in this initiative if you or your family member have had surgery and are interested in this opportunity!


Lead Organization/Department
Island Health, in collaboration with the Doctors of BC

Island Health, Campbell River Surgical Patient Optimization Collaborative (SPOC), in collaboration with the Doctors of BC, are seeking patient partners to assist in this quality improvement initiative to expand the Island Health Patient Pre-Surgical Questionnaire. This work will develop non-discriminatory questions that will help identify additional caregivers that may be involved in a patient’s pre-surgical and post-surgical care. This initiative seeks to hear from Indigenous and non-Indigenous patient parnters. The aim is to hear from a variety of patient partners across the Vancouver Island region and identify all of the potential health care providers that could be involved in a patient’s surgical readiness journey and post-surgical healing journey. This team will discuss and identify gaps in the existing questionnaire to help create a new questionnaire that will enhance and improve pre-surgical and post-surgical continuity of care.

Level of Engagement
This opportunity is at the level of involve on the spectrum of engagement. The promise to you is that the health care partner will involve patients in planning and design phases to ensure ideas or concerns are considered and reflected in alternatives and recommendations.

• Previous experience having received surgery or supported someone through surgery in the Vancouver Island region.
• Comfort in telling your surgical experience story.
• Able and willing to work in a collaborative atmosphere.
• Familiar with using Zoom.
• Please note:
– This opportunity is not open to patient partners who are currently employed by Island Health
– The placement process for this opportunity may include an informal interview between the volunteer and the health care partner.
– Applicants must have previously attended a PVN orientation session and completed the Volunteer Agreement. If you have not attended an orientation session but you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Charmaine Niebergall who will make every effort to accommodate where possible.

• Number of vacancies: 2-4
• Date and Time:
– 9am-12noon (time can be flexible)
– 1x per week on a weekday
– for a maximum of 3 weeks
– 1 to 3 sessions total
• Location: virtually over Zoom
• Commitment: 3 to 9 hours total over 3 weeks.

No out of pocket expenses are anticipated for this engagement opportunity. However, if you meet the eligibility criteria but have concerns about your ability to participate, please contact Charmaine Niebergall to see if support options are available. We are always seeking to better understand and reduce barriers to participation.

Communication gaps exist for all patients in pre-surgical readiness, including being able to identify additional caregivers that may be involved in their pre and post surgical care. Having knowledge of a patient’s comprehensive and complete health care team will assist integrated systems-based processes that will enhance communication amongst all of the patient’s health care providers. This will continue to set patients up for further success from a pre-surgical prehabilitation and post-surgical rehabilitation perspective and create more proactive care plans.

Campbell River has been focused on creating and improving patient pre-surgical prehabilitation (mental and physical readiness prior to surgery) to improve patients’ day of surgery and recovery outcomes. The Surgical Patient Optimization Collaborative (SPOC) was created in 2019 to improve assessment and management of elective surgical patients, which will in turn reduce adverse events, increase patient and caregiver satisfaction, and improve post-operative outcomes.

We are committed to an environment of safety for all participants so they feel free to express themselves within this engagement opportunity. To ensure Indigenous Cultural Safety for our Indigenous patient partners, we will encourage everyone to express what Cultural Safety and Humility means to them and what makes them feel culturally safe. Each patient partner and participating member of the SPOC / Island Health Team would be asked to read and review the Indigenous Engagement and Cultural Safety Guidebook prior to the start of our first meeting. During our first meeting it will be very important to create a common theme of what Cultural Safety means to each Patient Partner and how we can ensure that Cultural Safety is honoured throughout our meetings, our interactions, and our Quality Improvement journey.

Health Care Partner Contact Information

Charmaine Niebergall
Engagement Leader, Patient & Public Engagement | Vancouver Island

From Our Community

Layton Engwer

Patient Partner, Sooke

Layton Engwer

PVN helped empower me to make meaningful contributions to Primary Care (PC) locally and provincially.  It also facilitated creation of PC Patient Voices which is focused on PC and provides education support and building on shared experiences.