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Research Team Member, Development of a provincial framework for evaluating patient and family engagement in decision-making for shaping the BC health care system

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Open to Provincial Region, Patient partners across the province

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Would you like to help assess how well patients and family members are included in decision-making for shaping the BC health care system? If yes, please consider completing an RSVP so you can work with other stakeholders to develop and shape an evaluation framework for the province.

Open to: Patient partners across the province

Lead Organization or Department

University of British Columbia (UBC)


Our goal is to develop an evaluation framework that will help strengthen the quality of programs and initiatives that engage patients and family caregivers in shaping the health care system. As a patient partner, you will be a part of a team who will be identifying the key elements of good quality engagement to inform the evaluation framework. You will be directly involved in this work by contributing to team discussions, providing feedback on written documents and in other ways you would like to participate, such as presenting our findings.

Level of Engagement

This opportunity is at the level of collaborate on the spectrum of engagement. The promise to you is that the health care partner will work together with you to formulate solutions and incorporate your advice and recommendations into the decisions to the maximum extent possible.


Open to patient partners across the province who:
  • Have committee experience and/or comfort working in large groups made up of a variety of stakeholders
  • Are comfortable sharing their experiences of patient engagement
Please note: informal interviews will form part of the selection process If you have a strong interest in this work but have not yet completed a PVN orientation and Volunteer Agreement, are unsure if your experience is a good fit or feel another format of engagement would work better with your availability, please contact Cassy Mitchell.


  • Number of vacancies: 2
  • Date and Time: Two meetings a month, for up to 2hrs duration each (with a 10 min break per meeting). First meeting to be scheduled early July 2020. Each meeting will be held at a date/time that is convenient for members of the team.
  • Location: Teleconference
  • Commitment: Up to 6 months


No expenses are immediately anticipated. You will be reimbursed for any travel and accommodation related to project events.


As we sought to evaluate an initiative by the BC Ministry of Health, we realized there is little evidence on whether patient and family caregiver engagement initiatives improve healthcare systems. A major barrier to developing this evidence base is a lack of consensus on how success in patient and family caregiver engagement should be defined (eg, what are the key elements and ideal outcomes of such engagement?). Our comprehensive framework, informed by the literature and perspectives of key stakeholders, is needed to provide a way for thinking about how patient and family caregiver engagement initiatives can be, and should be, evaluated. As a patient partner, you will be a part of a team of about 12 members including BC health sector employees, academic researchers, and a family caregiver. We will be developing the evaluation framework into a published paper that will be considered by the Ministry of Health. For an overview of the project work completed to date PLEASE CLICK HERE

Health Care Partner Contact Information

Cassy Mitchell
Engagement Leader, Patient and Public Engagement

From Our Community

Christine Wallsworth

Patient Partner, Vancouver

Christine Wallsworth

Patient and family partners should not be a check box on research proposals! They need to be involved right from the start. I know patient and family partners are doing their part by providing their knowledge to researchers from their lived experience.  It’s a win-win for us to work together through PVN to make sure our input drives improvements.