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Patient Speakers, Employee Orientations

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Deadline: Open until filled

Open to Fraser – Vancouver Coastal, Patient partners across the Lower Mainland

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Do you have an experience of care at a Providence Health facility that you think that can highlight a ‘teachable moment’ for healthcare providers? Help to stimulate a culture change by highlighting how patient experiences are fundamental to employee practices.

Open to: Patient partners across the Lower Mainland


Lead Organization or Department

Providence Health Care(PHC), Professional Practice Office


The aim is to highlight how patient experiences are fundamental to employee practices at Providence Health Care.

Level of Engagement

This opportunity is at the level of consult on the spectrum of engagement ( The promise to you is that the health care partner will listen to and acknowledge your ideas and concerns, and provide feedback on how your input affected the decision.


This invitation is being extended to volunteers in the Lower Mainland who:
  • Have prior experience as a patient or family member of a patient in a PHC facility (for list of sites, please visit:
  • Are comfortable speaking to a large group (up to 60 individuals)
  • Have an interest/ability to create your own multimedia to supplement your speaking (e.g. simple PowerPoint presentation). This would be an asset but is not required.
  • Patient speakers will be required to attend a Story Development Workshop with Providence staff prior to speaking at an orientation.
  • Patients should have previously attended a PVN orientation session. If you have not attended an orientation but are interested please contact the Engagement Leader directly to see if accommodations may be possible.
  • Please note that volunteers who are currently employed by PHC or other health care authorities are not eligible for this opportunity.


  • Number of Vacancies: 5-10
  • New Employee Orientation and General Nursing Orientation sessions are held on a monthly basis.
  • One patient speaker will be invited to each orientation session.
  • New Employee Orientations are usually scheduled in the first full week of each month on Monday between 11:20-11:50 am.
  • General Nurse Orientations are held during the same week, on Wednesday between 9:30-10:30 am.
  • Presenters will have a speaking time of 20-25 minutes with a question and answer period.
  • Sessions are held in in the conference centre of St. Paul’s Hospital.
  • Please note: follow up interviews with short-listed candidates may be requested.


Expenses related to travel (i.e. transit, parking up to $18/day, approved mileage) to attend sessions will be reimbursed by PHC. Please note that it may take 4-6 weeks to process expenses.


Patient speakers will have the opportunity to share their unique experience with new employees (up to 60 people) and nurses (up to 35 people). The patient speaker will discuss an experience as a patient or as a family member of a patient. The story should describe a positive event in a personal (or a loved one’s) healthcare journey, an event that could have gone better in the healthcare journey, and a suggestion to healthcare professionals of one thing to do in their practice that would make a difference. For General Nurse Orientation, stories should be about specific interactions with nurses or other healthcare professionals. The purpose and aim of engaging patients in this initiative is to highlight how patient experiences are fundamental to employee practices at PHC. Providence would like new employees to recognize that they are integral to the care experience of patients and families. We want to stimulate a culture change of providing health care that focuses on patients and families. In addition, the experiences of patient and families with health care delivery will bring a patient and family focused lens to health care improvement. A potential risk for patients and family members who volunteer their time to present at New Employee Orientation or General Nursing Orientation is the sharing of personal information with participants who may know the patient speaker. Although this potential risk occurs, all employees at PHC are required to sign a privacy and confidentiality agreement upon hire. Patient speakers always have the option of only sharing information they feel comfortable disclosing.

Health Care Partner Contact Information

Karen Estrin
Engagement Leader, Patient and Public Engagement | Lower Mainland & Sunshine Coast


This opportunity will be open until it is filled.


From Our Community

Ovey Yeung

Patient Partner, Vancouver

Ovey Yeung

Being involved in the Patient Voices Network has broadened my understanding of the system and helped me empathize with health care challenges and limitations. What matters to me is to walk away feeling that my experience matters, that I matter!