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Boundary Primary Care “Proof of Concept” Design Working Group

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Open to Interior Region, Volunteers from Christina Lake to Rock Creek, specifically Boundary Hospital Area

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Do you have a desire to be part of redesigning how primary care is structured and delivered in the Boundary area? If so, read on!

Open to: Volunteers from Christina Lake to Rock Creek, specifically Boundary Hospital Area

Lead Organization or Department

This is a working group of the Kootenay Boundary Collaborative Services Committee. It consists of Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice and Interior Health.


The goal of this opportunity is to support the Boundary Region Medical Staff, Interior Health and the Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice with designing the over-arching terms and structure of the Boundary ‘Patient Medical Home / Primary Care Home’ care delivery model. This is proof of concept work. We wish to engage a patient to be able to contribute the patient voice to ‘Patient Medical Home / Primary Care Home’ redesign.  The patient partner would be a full member of the design working group.

Level of Engagement

This opportunity is at the level of collaborate (at a local community or program level) on the spectrum of engagement (  The promise to you is that the health care partner will look to you for advice in decision making, developing alternatives, and solutions and include your recommendations into the decision as much as possible.


  • Accesses primary care services in the Boundary area
  • Must be a high level systems thinker
  • Must be able to commit to 30 hours of meetings over the next 3 months, must be able to attend meetings in Grand Forks during the day and/or evening
  • Patients should have previously attended a PVN orientation session. If you have not attended an orientation but are interested please contact the Engagement Leader directly to see if accommodations may be possible.


  • Vacancies: 1
  • First meeting is December 13, 7:30am -10:00am, December 14, 7:30am – 10:00. The following meetings have yet to be scheduled
  • Meetings are at the Boundary Hospital
  • Commitment 30 hours over the next 3 months


Meals will be provided if the meeting takes place over a meal period, mileage and other out of pocket expenses will be covered.


  • The group will consist of physicians, nurses, medical office staff, Interior Health Management, Division of Family Practice Staff, other health care providers.
  • The Boundary Design working group will demonstrate whether highly-skilled and highly integrated generalist teams are appropriate to serve the needs of this area. In rural communities, where economies of scale for specialized services are absent, highly skilled and highly integrated generalist teams are the most effective approach to affect the core system challenges, attachment/access, emergency dept. visits, alternate level of care days, ambulatory care sensitive condition admissions, mental health substance use & frail senior care.
  • This will be the opportunity to be part of a system change in how health care services are accessed in your local doctor’s office and within your community.

Health Care Partner Contact Information

Selena Davis
Engagement Leader, Patient and Public Engagement | Kootenays & Boundary


From Our Community

Lucie Neliba

Patient Partner, Surrey

Lucie Neliba

The Patient Voices Network has connected me to a community with the same drive to bring person- and family-centred care to the forefront. I am grateful for all opportunities I have been a part of thanks to PVN, which positively impacts patients like my sister and their caregivers. No matter how small, all patient engagement will help shape the future of health care and that I can stand behind