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Seeking Input: National Long-Term Care Services Standard

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Open to Patient partners across Canada

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Health Standards Organization is a global standards development organization committed to the development of health and social services standards through partnership and collaboration to facilitate better health outcomes for all, both in Canada and globally.

National Standard for Long-Term Care Services
HSO is in the process of creating a new National Long-Term Care Services Standard for long-term care across Canada.  It will be shaped by the needs of residents, families, and LTC staff.  For more details, see News Release: HSO LTC Services Standard.

Seeking Your Input
Standards developed by HSO are created to help ensure that service provided meet resident, client, and community needs.  By bringing their experience and perspective to the table, residents, family members and caregivers can help ensure that the HSO standards that are used by long-term care services providers / organizations are grounded in lived experience and reflect the needs of the people most impacted by these services.

We are seeking your input on the standard in multiple ways, by a virtual survey, through virtual ’town hall’ / public meetings, on the Technical Committee building the standard, and later in our public review stage of standard development.  See the link below to learn more, share your thoughts, or to apply for the Technical Committee.

Technical Committee
The Long-Term Care Services Technical Committee will be put together to oversee the co-design and development of a national standard for long-term care services.  They will take an evidence-informed, systemic approach to developing standards that assess best practices for providing safe, high quality, and reliable care in LTC homes for Canadians, their families and caregivers, and the supporting workforce. The Technical Committee will collaboratively work with residents and families, healthcare providers, policymakers, and researchers to provide clear, standardized, evidence-informed practices that enable the delivery of resident- and family-centred care and services that are mindful and purposeful for all Canadians.

If you choose to apply to the Technical Committee, you will be asked to upload a bio highlighting your experience with long-term care.  As residents or family members, there is no need to submit a resume.

For more information about this standard and how to partner with us, visit our website (English / Français).

From Our Community

Karla Warkotsch

Patient Experience Consultant – Interior Health

Karla Warkotsch

The question I like to ask health care employees is ‘Who is this for?’ and ‘Do we have the right people at the table?’ As a health care employee, I see how easy it is to fall into doing for, rather than doing with patients. The voices of the patient, family and caregiver are essential to ensure the patient is central to the direction and focus of the work being done.