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Penicillin Allergy Awareness Infographic Survey



Open to Provincial Region


Did you know up to 95% of people who have an penicillin antibiotics allergy do not have a true allergy? This misdiagnosis means people may not be getting the best treatment for their condition.

Help us to make sure these infographics demystify perceptions around penicillin allergies and encourage those with mislabelled allergies to get re-assessed by taking this survey.

4 Myths about Penicillin Allergies
Do I Have a True Allergy to Penicillin?
Harms of False Penicillin Allergy Labels: Meet Anna

From Our Community

Ovey Yeung

Patient Partner, Vancouver

Ovey Yeung

Being involved in the Patient Voices Network has broadened my understanding of the system and helped me empathize with health care challenges and limitations. What matters to me is to walk away feeling that my experience matters, that I matter!