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Reviewer, “What is Clozapine?” Documents

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Open to Patient partners in Vancouver Coastal Health communities

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The Clozapine Collaborative is hoping to create awareness of the anti-psychotic medication clozapine, and also to provide information on it and what to expect when you are taking it. The team has created two tools to help provide more information on the medication and is looking for patient partners to review two documents.

The documents that need to be reviewed are:

  • A pamphlet on Clozapine and what to expect when taking it.
  • A document providing information for patients and families which will help you keep track of lab appointments and other medical appointments while you are on the medication.

Experience with mental health & substance use as a patient or family member is not mandatory, but may be helpful when reviewing these documents.

Review the What is Clozapine? Pamphlet

Review the “Clozapine titration information for patients and families” document

We use a survey tool to ask questions to guide feedback. You will be able to view the link from the survey tool. We will link the two documents together inside the survey tool.

Please contact if you have any questions. Thank you!

From Our Community

Nancy J. Wood

Patient Partner, Sidney

Nancy J. Wood

I was thrilled to discover the Patient Voices Network, where the array of places to be the voice of a patient is vast and incredibly interesting. Besides my ongoing “gig” with the BC Emergency Medicine Network, I have enjoyed being involved in several one-off initiatives. I love working with professionals who genuinely value the perspectives of their patient partners.