Patient Partner Testimonials

Hear from PVN Patient Partners about their experiences:

Janet L Whitehead Patient Voices Network“My experience as a patient voice contributing to the redesign of the pre-surgical screening department of Royal Inland Hospital was stunning. At the beginning of the redesign team’s week, I had the opportunity to contribute to the discussion of what was working and what needed to be changed. I was invited back three days later to be wowed by how much action had already been taken to make pre-surgical screening much more efficient and more patient friendly. It was an impressive process, and as a patient contributing, I was welcomed, heard and appreciated.”

Janet L. Whitehead, from Kamloops
Patient partner since 2014

Michele White.PVN Volunteer“The biggest thing that I want people to know about being a part of PVN is that you have a voice. You get to speak to issues and ideas and people about health and health care, and you get to be a part of things that are happening to make a change.”

Michel White, from Abbotsford
Patient partner since 2011

Lois Dalrymple.PVN Volunteer“The best thing about being a patient partner with PVN is that I get to help change health care in a very positive way. In seven years as a patient partner, I have attended several conferences and, as well as learning, I feel that we have a voice in changes in health care. It has been a very rewarding experience.”

Lois Dalrymple, from Penticton
Patient partner since 2010

Kyle Warkentin PVN Volunteer“What keeps me coming back to PVN is the fact that people will get a voice by being a part of the Network. People will get a solid foundation of how the health care system operates and how we as past patients/families can change the system in a big way.”

Kyle Warkentin, from Coquitlam
Patient partner since 2015

Johanna Trimble . Patient Voices Network Volunteer“The perspective of patients and their families will change health care because we are ‘experts by experience.’ We are motivated by a strong desire that not one more family should suffer. PVN gives us the opportunity to partner with professionals who see the same problems but can be hampered by being embedded in the very system that created them.”

Johanna Trimble, from Vancouver
Patient partner since 2010

Duane Jackson.PVN Volunteer“The opportunity to advocate for a vulnerable group of people is not only a gift but a responsibility. I think on both sides of the table there are proponents actively working toward betterment and change and if we are given an opportunity to give voice it is much more effective than remaining silent. If we can work together to move toward better processes and diverse approaches, the lasting effects will be felt by all people involved.”

Duane Jackson, from Prince Rupert
Patient partner since 2015

Caryl Parker.PVN Volunteer“It is so nice to be able to use skills acquired in a working career and to find out that they are valued and appreciated! They have made a difference in my life!”

Caryl Parker, from Penticton
Patient partner since 2014

Cherie Mercer.PVN Volunteer since 2010“I volunteer with PVN to help improve the health care system. The opportunities are exciting and unique. I must say it is uplifting, convenient and easy to participate. We all have something to contribute and I would encourage you to participate, it has been very rewarding!”

Cherie Mercer, from Gitlaxt’aamiks
Patient partner since 2010

Kim Eggers Patient Voices Network“I feel incredibly fortunate to have been born in a country that has universal health care. We have access to some of the best medical services in the world. However, there are some areas that are not adequately meeting the needs of the patient or the health care providers anymore. That’s why I was so pleased to find that there was an organization like PVN that brings together the patient voice & health care providers. PVN gives everyone an equal voice in helping improve things. I believe that this collaboration will truly bring about positive changes for everyone involved in BC’s health care system. It’s a win/win!”

Kim Eggers, from Prince George
Patient partner since 2015