Engagement Stages

After signing-up as a PVN Patient Partner, the process to start participating is simple.

We support patient partners from the moment they sign up through to their engagement opportunity with a simple orientation, access to resources and initial connection with health care partners to set the foundation for meaningful engagement. Our process ensures patient partners are prepared, confident and ready to share their experiences and perspectives on improving the health care system.

Here are the typical steps for patient partners:

Sign up
Sign up to become a PVN Patient Partner. You’ll soon be contacted by an engagement leader who works in your region to provide more information about PVN and discuss next steps, including an intake interview.

Attend an orientation
Prior to participating, you will need to complete an orientation session. It’s free, quick and can be via telephone, in a webinar or in person.  The session will help you understand how PVN works, the kinds of engagement opportunities available, what to expect and how you can help.

Ongoing support
Attend webinars and other learning opportunities hosted by PVN that will prepare you to have a meaningful impact when participating in engagement opportunities. We have many resources that can help you, too.

Monitor engagement opportunities
Every Tuesday we’ll email you engagement opportunities that have been posted over the past seven days. You can also see all open opportunities on our Engagement Opportunities page, or contact your local engagement leader to learn more.

Apply for an engagement opportunity
When you spot an opportunity that matches your interests and availability, fill out its online RSVP form. The responses are shared with the health care partner so that they can identify the patient partner that best fits the opportunity’s goals. Engagement leaders will follow up with everyone who submits an RSVP form, regardless of the selection decision.

Participate in an engagement opportunity
If you are selected for an opportunity, you will be introduced to the health care partner lead and supported by an engagement leader throughout your patient partner commitment; you will also have opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification.

Receive feedback
After participating in an engagement opportunity, you’ll receive feedback as well as information about the results and outcomes of the initiative. It’s a great way to know how your input was helpful and the concrete results that came out of it!