Patient Partner Identification Badges

You asked, we listened: PVN Patient Partner identification badges are almost ready! To help us finish them up, we are encouraging PVN Patient Partners to share a recent head shot with us.

This is more than just an excuse for you to send us your best selfie; we are using these pictures to help build relationships across PVN in two ways.

First, you have the option to create a PVN-branded identification card with your name and picture that you may use during in-person engagement opportunities to help introduce you to health care partners and other stakeholders. Second, your Engagement Leader appreciates having your photo on hand. Being able to put a face to a name right away is a great way to start what will be a central partnership during your time with PVN.

Sending in your picture is completely optional but, as always, we will never share your personal information or picture with anyone without your permission. Only staff at the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, which administers PVN, and those who see your name tag during an engagement opportunity will see your picture.