Health Care Partner Testimonials

Hear from our Health Care Partners about their experiences working with PVN Patient Partners:

“I can’t imagine planning or implementing health care services without partnership from patients. It doesn’t make sense to me. Working closely with patients and families changes the conversation and enables much more potential to become patient-centred. Whenever possible, my team and I engage patients and families as collaborators to inform the services or initiatives we plan.”

Megan Stowe
Chief Clinical Information Officer, Fraser Health

“The participation of Patient Family Partners (PFPs) in our Research Challenge program at Providence Health Care has been vitally important. We have PFPs on the program’s advisory committee, helping provide feedback to teams, and making funding decisions. As well, many Research Challenge teams invite the participation of PFPs as advisors to their research teams. The patient partners keep us focused on the patient as the centre of all our improvement efforts, and our program is much stronger because of their input.”

Rhandall Tydd-Whiting
Staff nurse in a cardiac surgery intensive care unit, Providence Health Care

Tannis Knutson Health Care Partner PVN“Patients’ and families’ consultation is important as it keeps the health care partners accountable and focused on what is important to the patient and family experience. The patients and families bring to the table a different perspective then the Health Care Partners and the insights they share can transform the health care system and the patient and family experience.”

Tannis Knutson
Redevelopment Project Leader, Royal Columbian Hospital

Laura Colley Health Care Partner“Engaging patients in Fraser Health Acute Care Orientation is important because it sets the tone from the very first day that patient-centred care is a value that we are striving to achieve on a day-to-day basis. It reminds new employees that patients, and their families, are the reason we get to do what we do.”

Laura Colley
Acute Care Orientation & Projects, Fraser Health

“Working with our patient partners has been an amazing experience. Our patient partners were involved in all aspects of the decision making process and co-developed the education plan for a patient- and family-centred care initiative in our organization. They shared meaningful feedback about what truly mattered to them and what they wanted from their health care providers. They were that voice for patients. A voice that we as health care providers should listen more to.”

Nathaniel Roxas
General Nurse Educator, Care Experience & Orientation
Professional Practice and Nursing, Providence Health Care