Glossary for: Key Organizations & Programs

BC Patient Safety & Quality Council [BCPSQC]

Created in 2008 by the BC provincial government, the BCPSQC provides leadership across BC’s health care system to efforts that support improvements in the quality of care.

Divisions of Family Practice

Divisions of Family Practice are community-based groups of family physicians working together to achieve common health care goals. There are currently 35 Divisions of Family Practice in BC that encompass more than 230 communities.

Integrated Primary and Community Care [IPCC]

Includes efforts to shift the management and delivery of health services so that clients receive a continuum of preventive and curative services, according to their needs over time and across different levels of the health system.

Patients as Partners

A Ministry program and philosophy that promotes and supports the creation of patient- and family centred care through health care improvements. The principle driving the program is “nothing about me without me.”

Practice Support Program [PSP]

A joint initiative of the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC, this program helps doctors and their staff make improvements in their practices.

Provincial Health Authorities

The province’s health authorities are the organizations primarily responsible for health service delivery. Five regional health authorities deliver a full continuum of health services to meet the needs of the population within their respective geographic regions: Fraser Health Interior Health Island Health (formerly Vancouver Island Health Authority) Northern Heath Vancouver Coastal Health A sixth health authority, […]

Shared Care Committee [SCC]

A joint committee of Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health that is working to address the care provided by both family physicians (FPs) and specialist physicians (SPs).

Specialists Services Committee [SSC]

The committee was formed in 2006 and supports the delivery of specialist services and support improvement of the specialist care system in BC. See also GPSC, SCC.

Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research [SPOR]

SPOR is an initiative of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Patient-oriented research refers to a continuum of research that engages patients as partners, focuses on patient-identified priorities and improves patient outcomes. In BC, SPOR is being activated through the BC SUPPORT Unit (BC Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials Unit), a multi-partner organization […]

The General Practice Services Committee [GPSC]

GPSC was formed in 2002 as a partnership between the Ministry and Doctors of BC. The Committee supports BC doctors by developing and implementing programs that improve job satisfaction for family doctors and primary health care for patients. (See also SCC, SSC)

The Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health (the Ministry) has overall responsibility for ensuring that quality, appropriate, cost effective and timely health services are available for all British Columbians. The Ministry is responsible for provincial legislation and regulations related to health care, including the Medicare Protection Act and the Health Professions Act. The Ministry also directly manages a […]