Provincial Grant to Enhance Family Councils’ Voice in BC

Residents living in long-term care and their family* deserve to have input into decision making which affects their daily lives. Residents, who are able, advocate for themselves via Resident Councils. Family Councils advocate on behalf of their loved ones, the resident community at large and family caregivers as part of…

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Improving Patient Voices Network to Have it Work for You

The right information, at the right time and in the right place – all working to make engagement opportunities better for YOU. We are improving Patient Voices Network (PVN) processes to better meet the needs of today’s BC health care system. Health care organizations want to lead and shape their relationships with…

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Role of Family Councils Strengthened through New Regulation Changes

Key TakeawaysLong-term care homes become the personal space of residents, not just places for everyday care. It is important that people in care have input into decisions that affect their daily lives and have support from their families or a long-term care home’s family council to advocate on their behalf.

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