Karen Estrin

Engagement Leader, Patient & Public Engagement
Lower Mainland & Sunshine Coast Region

Karen Estrin Engagement LeaderEmail: kestrin@bcpsqc.ca
Twitter: @Karen4ENG
Office: 604.668.8245
Location: Vancouver, BC



Passionate about community engagement and with an extensive program and event coordination experience, Karen works with Patient Voices Network as an engagement leader supporting the Lower Mainland & Sunshine Coast Region.

Through her various roles working with diverse non-profit organizations, she has a comprehensive knowledge of local and provincial agencies. Karen brings forward a strong understanding of cultural sensitivity and prioritizes developing inclusive programs.

Some of the cities and communities in Karen’s area are Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Sechelt, Squamish, Robert’s Creek, Burnaby, and New Westminster. She has worked with health care partners such as Providence Health Care, BC Cancer Agency, Doctors of BC, BC SUPPORT Unit, Vancouver Community College, University of British Columbia, the Centre for Collaboration, Motivation and Innovation, Provincial Health Services Authority, and the Ministry of Health.

Get to know more about Karen:

Why is better health care important to you? 

“In any system there is room for improvement, and health care is no exception. I hope that through our work we can improve experiences and outcomes for patient care. Every one of us accesses health services, and it is important that we are working to ensure that those services are accessible, patients are provided proper care in a timely manner, and that health care professionals and patients can walk away from their experiences feeling like the system is working the best that it can.”

How would you describe what happens when patients collaborate with health care partners? 

“Hopefully, decisions are made so that our health care system reflects the needs and priorities of those it serves.”

What do you enjoy most about connecting patient partners and care providers?

“I feel energized by engaging with people and building relationships. I always look forward to hearing stories of how patient partners enrich committees and teams, and how they come away with a better understanding of the decision making process.”