Jami Brown

Engagement Leader, Patient & Public Engagement
Fraser & Vancouver Coastal Region

jami-brownEmail: jbrown@bcpsqc.ca
Twitter: @JbPPE4Q
Office: 604.510.0449
Location: Langley, BC



Jami joined the Patient Voices Network in February 2016, bringing her passion for engaging people to her role as an Engagement Leader for the Fraser – Vancouver Coastal Regions. Prior to joining the Network, she led the communications and engagement strategy for the largest provider of seniors housing in British Columbia, Retirement Concepts. Before that, she spent 10 years at Fraser Health leading a multidisciplinary team focused on creating healthier communities.

Throughout her career, Jami has used her enthusiasm and experience to create cutting-edge partnerships alongside health care providers, the public, government leaders and community stakeholders. These partnerships increased collaboration and a shared responsibility for better health across British Columbia.

Get to know more about Jami:

Why is better health care important to you? 

“Quality health care is a fundamental right and a shared responsibility between those that provide and those that receive.  It’s important because we all want to count on the system to provide what we need when we need it, and I believe that  the public needs to meet the system half way by being committed to better health by living a healthy, balanced life.  I, like many others, have needed the system at one point in my life or another and being able to confidently say that I was provided the best care with my needs at the core is a value that I place quite high in my life.”

How would you describe what happens when patients collaborate with health care partners? 

“The magic begins.  They feed into each other’s ideas, build on their respective perspectives and park their preconceived ideas at the door about each other’s role.  They become real with each other, discussing their challenges and celebrating achievements. Most of all, it starts a new conversation, one that is formed through trust and mutual respect for the importance of each other’s role in improving the system.  As I said, magic!”

What do you enjoy most about connecting patient partners and care providers?

“What don’t I like? Building relationships is the best part of the role. Being able to support these truly committed people go above and beyond their own boundaries to improve the health care system for all is the reason I get up in the morning and hit the ground running!

How much fun am I having being engaged in these regions! I love the opportunity to dig deep and explore the possibilities of what can be accomplished when people talk.  Being back in these regions working alongside health care partners that I have known for years and the enthusiastic PVN patient partners is simply awe inspiring. There is a wealth of energy around how we can all work together to improve the health care system.”

A random fact:

“I am the biggest NFL Football fan you will ever meet and, in particular, of the Green Bay Packers.  My home could be the second Hall of Fame for the Packers!”