Carol Stathers

Engagement Leader, Patient & Public Engagement
Interior Region

Twitter: @cs4ENG
Office: 778.516.3308
Location: Summerland, BC



With a background in community development, project management, education and clinical practice as a Registered Nurse, Carol  supports patient engagement in the Okanagan. She has worked with the Patient Voices Network since its inception, and her goal is to continue to use her passion for quality improvement in health care through patient and community engagement, education, and health promotion.

Carol works with health care partners such as Interior Health, University of British Columbia-Okanagan, Okanagan College, and BC Centre for Palliative Care.

Get to know more about Carol:

Why is better health care important to you?

“In many cases, when patients access the health care system they feel very vulnerable.  My hope is that we have a health care system that provides not only good medical outcomes, but one that also supports patients to feel at ease during stressful times, treating them with respect and dignity.”

How would you describe what happens when patient collaborate with health care partners? 

“When patients and health care partners collaborate, health care becomes more patient-centred, reflecting the needs of the patients. Health care partners always tell me that when patients are involved it keeps them grounded in what is really important.”

What do you enjoy most about connecting patient partners and care providers?

“When it comes to working with patient partners, I love: listening to them describe their experiences and how they really did make a difference; supporting their desire to make meaningful improvements in the system; sharing their excitement when they see the outcomes of their work; hearing how they feel more involved and informed in ‘their’ health care system; listening to them share the great work they are doing with other patient partners; and building relationships with them.

In the work with the health care partners, I appreciate being able to educate and support them on patient engagement and help them find the best ways to work with our patient partners. I have enjoyed seeing the evolution of patient engagement across Interior Health –  when I started it was rare and now it is becoming the norm. I also like being able to connect the right patient(s) with the right project(s) and hearing how grateful the health care partners are when we find patients who are a good match for the work they are doing. And personally learning more about all the improvements being made in so many different areas is great, too!”