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Improving Patient Voices Network to Have it Work for You

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The right information, at the right time and in the right place – all working to make engagement opportunities better for YOU.

We are improving Patient Voices Network (PVN) processes to better meet the needs of today’s BC health care system.

Health care organizations want to lead and shape their relationships with patient partners. Patient partners (PP) want to improve health care services. PVN is the platform that allows this to happen – and now, it will make those connections even easier.

You spoke, we listened

Through surveys and interviews, Health Quality BC heard that the time is right to improve the PVN – to create a nimble, partnership-focused platform supporting authentic engagement. We heard that you, our partners, want to:

  • Get where you need to go right away
  • Reduce barriers to working together
  • Have clarity about who you are working with
  • Access resources, tools and supports that elevate engagement practices

PVN – a platform for partnerships

Engaging the patient’s perspective in health care transformation is crucial. We see PVN as a partner-focused platform, where your relationships with each other are at the core of PVN’s approach.

Our goal with these improvements is to do this in a more efficient, effective way. We want you to access resources and tools to support your work together, when and where you need them!

Improving the health care system is hard work that continues to evolve over time. We see the efforts of many BC health care organizations and their desire for a bigger role in engaging with you. We want to support those efforts in ways that are most helpful.

Self-serve options to use PVN, when and where you need it

Your time is valuable. We’ve improved our processes to make PVN an easy choice. Having options to access PVN at times that work for you will help you get where you want to go faster. Some of the improvements to PVN include:

  • Reducing the size of the health care partner (HCPelectronic request form (ERF) to make it easier to use
  • Sending RSVP forms directly to the health care partners
  • Connecting health care teams and patient partners right away to discuss opportunities
  • Boosting our services to create provincial-level support through education, resources and tools
  • Increasing the confidence of partners to work together through on-demand engagement readiness videos

The PVN road map

To highlight the new and improved PVN processes, we have developed a suite of materials to help guide you.

Having PVN work for you

Your PVN experience is important to us. Having the platform work for you, when and where you need it, is our top priority. We are grateful for all the work you do together to improve the health care system. You are the leaders in patient engagement. Health Quality BC hopes to continue learning from you and elevating your efforts across the BC health care system, reducing duplication and increasing the spread of the work you are doing. Simplifying your ability to directly connect with each other is one step to having the support that works for you.

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From Our Community

Layton Engwer

Patient Partner, Sooke

Layton Engwer

PVN helped empower me to make meaningful contributions to Primary Care (PC) locally and provincially.  It also facilitated creation of PC Patient Voices which is focused on PC and provides education support and building on shared experiences.