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Getting People Where They Need to Go: One Year of Our New Website


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In March 2021, we launched our new PVN website designed to connect, learn about and share the impact of partnerships to improve health care in BC. Since the launch, our website has seen an 11% increase in page views! Plus, the percentage of new visitors has increased by 2.1% – meaning we’re sharing our patient engagement work with new people.

A year later, we’re taking a look at how we can continue to make it even better. Here are our top three lessons learned:

You’re getting where you need to go. Finding the right information and resources, at the right time and place is key for websites. Using filters and links from the weekly e-blast and Patient Voice Mail helps you.

You like reading about what’s happening across BC. Partnership impacts gives life to all the great work happening across BC through our network.

You want to find ways to work together. You’re leaning into health care partner opportunities and clicking on links to opportunities that are meaningful to you.

We’re happy that the website is helpful, but we know that there are things we can do to make it even better! Here are the areas that we’ll be exploring:

Improve the resource section. Can we make it easier to access key resources? The IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation, Health Care Partner Readiness Checklist and the Guide to Patient Engagement are top downloads. We can refine the resources section to make sure you access the right resource at the right time.

Find out more about how you access engagement opportunities. Our core mission is to connect patient and health care partners to work together on improvements to our health care system. We can enhance our engagement opportunities section to make it as easy as possible to find opportunities you’re passionate about. 

Increase ways to learn about each other’s work together. We know that there’s an opportunity to share work happening across BC and our website can be the go-to for that information. We can continue to share great stories and link them to our resources to help make changes.

These results give us useful information on how to improve our website. We strive to be a go-to for those involved in patient engagement across BC. Please reach out to if you’d like to share any ideas or thoughts with us!

Author: Jami Brown, Engagement Leader, Patient & Public Engagement

From Our Community

Karla Warkotsch

Patient Experience Consultant – Interior Health

Karla Warkotsch

The question I like to ask health care employees is ‘Who is this for?’ and ‘Do we have the right people at the table?’ As a health care employee, I see how easy it is to fall into doing for, rather than doing with patients. The voices of the patient, family and caregiver are essential to ensure the patient is central to the direction and focus of the work being done.