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PVN Spotlight: Meet the New Project Coordinator in Patient & Public Engagement!

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We’re thrilled to introduce you to someone new who will be supporting patient engagement across BC. We sat down with them to ask about what drew them to work in patient engagement, and their hopes for the health care system.

Rachelle Ferrer is the Project Coordinator on the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council’s Patient & Public Engagement team and will be supporting PVN’s work closely. She supports the PVN Oversight and Advisory committee, among other roles.

What drew you to this role?

I’m excited for the opportunity to work on projects that are focused on public and patient engagement. I have worked as a project manager in health care with a special interest in mental health since 2014, and I have always found working with patients and the public to been enjoyable and rewarding.

What interests you in patient engagement?

I’m interested in working with patients and families to make positive changes to the health care system. The most interesting aspect for me is getting to know patients and understanding what motivates them to create change. I enjoy building relationships and creating solutions together that will help communities receive better care.

What are your hopes for patients, families and caregivers’ involvement in improving health care in BC?

I hope that it becomes standard practice to ensure that services are designed to work for both service users and providers. I also hope that patients, families and caregivers’ involvement becomes truly inclusive and accessible, and that participants from all backgrounds are included. We need to consider those not in the room, ask why they aren’t there, and how we can meet them where they’re at.

Tell us one thing about yourself that you’re passionate about, outside of your role with us?

I love to feed people—it connects us and brings us together. Food plays an important role in Filipino culture. We’re known for our hospitality and a big part of that is making sure our guests are provided with an abundance of home cooked food that is made with love. 

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Pamela Jessen

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