Welcome to PVN Connections Café!

Welcome to PVN Connections Café!

You spoke and we listened! You told us being able to connect with one another was a high priority for you. PVN Connections Café will create social connections among oriented patient partners by offering opportunities for one-to-one and small group get-togethers.**


If you sign up, each month you will receive an email with the name and email address of the patient partner you have been paired with. We encourage you to reach out to connect virtually. The date, duration and topic of the meeting is up to you!

Ready to Join? Registration is easy!

Step One: Sign up and create your account through Spark Collaboration. You will then receive a confirmation email.

Step Two: Click on the link in the confirmation email to activate your account.

Sign-Up Deadline: To receive your first introductory email over the holidays, please sign up by December 23, 2020. For registrations after this date, your first introductory email will be sent in mid-January, 2021.

Coming Soon…Small Group Connections

Small group get-togethers will take place in Zoom breakout rooms. An email will be sent out to oriented patient partners with a date and time of these group gatherings. These small groups will provide an opportunity to get to know others in PVN!

Ready to sign up for small group connections? In early 2021, we will send out details about how to get involved.

**Participation in PVN Connections Café is optional.

How We Got Here: PVN Connections Working Group

The PVN Connections Working Group met for the first time on June 24, 2020, and was formed to explore how to improve connections between PVN members and to keep them linked and supported within PVN. This is in response to a desire by PVN members to build a sense of community by exploring how to enhance connections in light of COVID-19 and exploring long-term, sustainable connections. The group is identifying how these connections can be developed locally, regionally and provincially. Some initial ideas have included:

• A mentor system for new patient partners
• Think tank meetings
• PVN Connections Café
• Regional update meetings
• Provincial update meetings

Who We Are

The group consists of three PVN patient partners (Vikram, Grace and Janet) and two engagement leaders (Cassy and Ashley) and everyone is excited about collaborating to move this forward. The group initially spent time identifying what created a meaningful connection and designed a word cloud (shown above) to reflect these important values as well as to decide how they wanted to work together as a group.

The group will continue to provide updates to network members as the work progresses and will be submitting their overall recommendations to the PVN Oversight & Advisory Committee and BC Patient Safety & Quality Council early next year. Please follow our progress through social media with the hashtag #PVNConnect .

We’re pleased to introduce our first connection!

Disclaimer: PVN Connections Café involves private conversations among patient partners that are not sanctioned by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. Patient partners are expected to participate in these conversations based on the principles outlined in their signed Volunteer Agreement and can unsubscribe from Spark Collaboration and leave conversations at any time.
Privacy statement: The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council (the Council) and Spark Collaboration will collect, use and disclose information provided in this form under sections 26(c), 32(a) and 33.2(a) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. By submitting this registration for PVN Connections Cafe, participants consent to storage and access of their name and email on Amazon Cloud located in the United States (in accordance with section 30.1(a)) for the purpose of managing, evaluating and facilitating connections between PVN Connections Cafe participants. Participation is voluntary and each participant has the choice to disengage from any uncomfortable communication and the option to end participation at any time. For questions about the collection of your personal information please contact: Irina Apostu, Program Assistant, Patient and Public Engagement, at iapostu@bcpsqc.ca


the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council team

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